Midwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

Request Letter of Support

The goal of the Midwest Regional Working Group of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (Midwest PARC) is to conserve amphibians, reptiles, and their habitats as integral parts of our ecosystem and culture through proactive and coordinated public/private partnerships in the Midwest. Midwest PARC will provide letters of support for projects that advance this goal, and specifically address one or more of the following:

  1. An issue that has been identified by Midwest PARC as important for the conservation of amphibians, reptiles, or their habitats. These issues often arise from our various task teams, and have been identified in many of our products (http://www.mwparc.org/products/).
  2. The conservation of one or more species with a high conservation ranking for the region. All species were ranked by Midwest PARC according to their regional concern and the region’s responsibility, and you can find these rankings on our website (http://www.mwparc.org/species/).

If, after reviewing this material, you believe your project meets the criteria for a letter of support from Midwest PARC, please provide the following information to the co-chairs:

  1. A synopsis of your project, including the title, investigators, and a short abstract; and,
  2. A narrative to be used in the letter of support that explains how this project will advance the goals of Midwest PARC and fulfill one or both of the above criteria.
  3. Note that Midwest PARC is unable to comment on the methodology, budget, or provide a critical review of your proposal unless specifically requested by a granting agency or organization. Our letters of support are limited to commenting on the stated goals of the project. Also note that we are unable to comment on projects that are of a political nature.

    Decisions about requested letters of support will normally be made by the Midwest PARC Board of Advisors during their regularly scheduled conference calls (the first week of each month). Requests should be provided no later than the last week of the month in order to allow sufficient time for review by the board.

    Adopted by the Midwest PARC Board of Advisors on 4 January 2011.